Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Toast to Good Design!

A new furniture piece that I have had my eye on and can't stop thinking about is the butler's cart or butler's tray.  I have seen them used not only to display liquor collections, but used in living rooms as side tables and in bedrooms as nightstands.  They bring to the room an aura of sophistication and show people that it's always time to party.  It's five o'clock somewhere right?

The one above is by far my favorite, but finding this puppy online to purchase has not been an easy task.  I think I'm going to have to resort to the scavenger hunt of flea markets and antique shops. 

I really love the brass ones.  If it went with my decor, I would definitely be purchasing one of these.  The ultra-chic lines and the contrast of the colored bottles with the brass finish are just fabulous.  

The most affordable one I have found, is from 
The simplicity of this tray allows you to make it what you want.  

Fully stocked bar.  Happy hour, well... Happiness :)

I thought that this was so creative.  I could see this in a shabby chic home for sure.  The garden rake used to hold the wine glasses is ingenious, and the wicker basket completes the country look.

This bright yellow cart would be perfect for out door parties.  The color may be a little severe for indoors, but would catch peoples attention and be appropriate for an outdoor pool or garden party.  The yellow looks great paired up with those colorful liquor bottles.  

I love the idea of the cart not only acting as the beverage display, but as a side table in the living room.  That way it not only houses the liquor, but it can hold a lamp and be useful for more laid back spaces.

This one is just too pretty not to show.  I love the gold, I love the candles, I love the tiny lamp and the tray on the bottom... I love it all!

I personally like how this one is set back and the bottles are still on display, but not in your face.  

The colors that a variety of bottles brings to a space give it character and class.  

All in all it is elegant, refined, stately, handsome, tasteful, ultrahip, and trendy.  Display those bottles of yours that can add the right amount of fun and party to your space.  There are so many different ways.  What will you do with them?

Cheers to the weekend!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mirror Me Beautiful

I have been searching for a mirrored nightstand for quite a while now.  They are hard to come by at a decent price.  Online I have not been able to find a nice enough one for under $400.  Target does have small ones that are cute, but not exactly what I was looking for.  I finally hit gold last week, just stopping by Tuesday Morning.  A single mirrored nightstand caught my eye and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  So I went back and purchased this beautiful piece and can now call it mine!

Emily Hewett's blog, A Well Dressed Home, shows other great finds at Tuesday Morning and she even has pictures of two lamps that I saw when I was there, that I will probably have to purchase in the future.  The mirrored nightstand that she found is not the one that I bought, but I would like to have two, since I guess my fiancĂ©e needs one as well ;).  I am not a matchy matchy person, so I am excited to find another one that is unique and that will add character to our bedroom.  

Below I have found BEAUTIFUL bedrooms that have mirrored nightstands.  Look at these spaces and tell me you wouldn't want to wake up here, I'll tell you you're lying!   Enjoy!

I really want this one above!  The lines are so feminine and beautiful.

What I absolutely love about mirrored furniture is the fact that it takes on its own character in each space reflecting the color and image of its surroundings.  There are so many different shapes and sizes, ones that have wood or metal framing, drawers or shelves, and can be nightstands, coffee tables, sideboards, servers, and even beds!  

When does it become too much?  Just keep it simple.  A standard 2-3 mirrored pieces in your space provide the chicness and luxe that make you feel like you're in a beautiful space that makes you feel important and makes it hard for you to leave that bed every morning.  

Sleep Happy Design Lovers :)