Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interior Design: Beyond The Walls

Interior design is not confined to four walls, our expertise as designers can and should be used to unify  interior space with the exterior. As the weather starts warming up, I can't keep my mind off of summer.  It is my favorite season, and I adore having fun and spending time outdoors with family and friends.  Take a look at these great outdoor spaces.  Simply Beautiful!

 My parents do not get that much of an opportunity to travel due to the nature of my dad's career, so a few summers ago they decided to build an outdoor space that they could relax in and enjoy on those hot summer days and nice summer nights.  With the help of my Uncle, my mom, dad, and a few of their friends made their dream a reality.  The pictures were taken right after it was completed, we have since enjoyed it numerous times.

I love spending my summer days in this pool.  Warm weather hurry UP!
Happy Summer dreaming to you all :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Design and the City

I have been a huge fan of the series Sex and the City for a very long time.  I'm actually surprised that I have yet to blog about it.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the show, but the design always seems to steal my heart.  When the second movie came out, I could not wait to see it.  I was actually in Mexico and joked with my family that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go to Mexico because the movie premiered while we were out of the country. (Extreme? Yes, and a complete joke.) After you see these images you will know exactly why I am so in love with this interior.

The living room is phenomenal.  From the blue sofa to the floral area rug and baby blue side chairs.  What I think I love most about it, is that it doesn't "match" so to speak, but it WORKS!  I'm not a matchy-matchy person.  I don't like when things are too symmetrical (appropriate in some instances) or when things are all the same color or texture.  I think that differences in all of these areas are what bring interest and character to a space.  Favorite piece?  The coffee table  I looked it up, and if I remember correctly, it ranges from $1,000-$2,000.  <- I doubt my fiancée will go for that.  Oh well, I can dream :)

This is the view from the living room through the dining area into the kitchen.  I also love this, because of the built ins that are illuminated and enhance the objects that are displayed.  I adore the light fixture, and how beautiful is that back splash?  

This space will forever and always only exist in my dreams.  The closet in the movie is so elegant and beautiful.  The clothing is on display.  I love the area rug and the small circumference of wood that peeks out from underneath.  Chic and Classy.

Now, onto my favorite space in the Entire movie!  This bedroom is everything that I want in the design of my future home.  I want the glamor (the gold lamps, the wallpaper, the velvet pillow cases), and I also want the Edgy/Funkyness (The contrasting patterned headboard, the blue window drapery).  I love glamour, but I also want to be different and make people to question it and think "wow, that actually works", which is where the edginess comes into play.  

Last but not least, the entry way.  It is done perfectly.  Its contemporary retro.  It looks retro, but you know it's not.  The wall paper is a perfect scale of pattern, and in the neutral color makes this space interesting, but not overwhelming with print.  The mirrored sideboard adds the glamor and the striped gold and white lamps along with the funky shaped mirror add in that little bit of edge that make this space so beautiful in my mind.  

This apartment is the inspiration to the ultimate goal I have for my future home.  I can't wait! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

LOVE-ly Spaces

As Valentines Day Approaches, I decided to find some images of spaces that bring a smile to my face.  The reds, light pinks and perfectly contrasting blues can be used in so many ways.  

  • Contemporary
  • Sophisticated
  • Glamorous
  • Girly
  • Modern

In the first image the color palette gives the space a playful almost contemporary feeling.  I LOVE the love image on the wall.  

This living space is great.  The turquoise mixed with the hot pinks and black and white stripes creates an edgy yet sophisticated space that I absolutely LOVE.  The white shag rug is beautiful and the glass coffee table is perfect to create more visual space in this room.  

This is full out Girly.  I don't know what man if any would be okay with this being their living room, but for a single female I think that it could not be more fabulous.  The design communicates almost an innocence to the living room.  Very Pretty.

This image speaks right to my designer heart.  The Glam takes my breath away.  My entire house in my dreams is complete Glamor.  Maybe not in this exact sense with the pink headboard and cream walls.  Soon enough you will be able to see my vision.    
My fiancée and I are looking for a place right now, and I can only image the arm twisting that is going to be going on to get him to let me do what I want.  Let the fun begin!

How Awesome is this hot pink couch?!  the whimsical pillows add the perfect touch.  But I think that this couch could represent itself in a modern, retro, or even a shabby chic space.  Oh The POSSIBILITIES! 

Valspar Paint at Lowes is the best paint that I have used for the price.  I swear by it.  I have found a few paint swatches that would be perfect to create your own LOVE-ly space.  There are hundreds of options, I have just chosen a few.  Enjoy! They even have Lovely names :)

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day Everyone! <3

Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl & Sustainability?

I was given an assignment in my environmental health class this past week to find any article in the news that had to do with the health of our environment.  I was shocked when I found one about the Super Bowl coming up related to Sustainability!  When I think of the super bowl, and the NFL the last thing that comes to my mind is environmentally friendly.  The amount of energy used at this event is astounding.

  • The amount of energy used making the super bowl, this single event, what it is could power 1,500 homes for an entire year.  
  • The amount of energy is estimated to have a 15,000 Megawatt Carbon Footprint.  
Can you believe that they are proposing that this event will not have an environmental impact with their sustainable solution?

The NFL along with Just Energy, and the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee are planning on purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs).  All of the carbon emissions dealing with the super bowl will be offset with these RECs.  Every Megawatt of energy used for the super bowl will be matched by a megawatt of renewable energy by a sea water windfarm in Seawater, Texas.

With this system of carbon offset, Super Bowl XLV will have no environmental impact.

Other things that the NFL is involved in regarding sustainability:

  • Planting trees as part of "greening" of the super bowl
  • Biofeuls will be used wherever they can
    • transportation
    • field generators
  • Recycling at major event venues
  • Extra food left over after sporting events will be donated
  • All left over materials from events will also be donated
Seeing the efforts of the NFL really make me wonder.  If other major organizations get on this bandwagon what a big difference it could make.  The NFL has so much influence and I am excited to see what their jump toward sustainability will spur in other organizations.

Two thumbs up to the NFL.