Saturday, February 12, 2011

LOVE-ly Spaces

As Valentines Day Approaches, I decided to find some images of spaces that bring a smile to my face.  The reds, light pinks and perfectly contrasting blues can be used in so many ways.  

  • Contemporary
  • Sophisticated
  • Glamorous
  • Girly
  • Modern

In the first image the color palette gives the space a playful almost contemporary feeling.  I LOVE the love image on the wall.  

This living space is great.  The turquoise mixed with the hot pinks and black and white stripes creates an edgy yet sophisticated space that I absolutely LOVE.  The white shag rug is beautiful and the glass coffee table is perfect to create more visual space in this room.  

This is full out Girly.  I don't know what man if any would be okay with this being their living room, but for a single female I think that it could not be more fabulous.  The design communicates almost an innocence to the living room.  Very Pretty.

This image speaks right to my designer heart.  The Glam takes my breath away.  My entire house in my dreams is complete Glamor.  Maybe not in this exact sense with the pink headboard and cream walls.  Soon enough you will be able to see my vision.    
My fiancée and I are looking for a place right now, and I can only image the arm twisting that is going to be going on to get him to let me do what I want.  Let the fun begin!

How Awesome is this hot pink couch?!  the whimsical pillows add the perfect touch.  But I think that this couch could represent itself in a modern, retro, or even a shabby chic space.  Oh The POSSIBILITIES! 

Valspar Paint at Lowes is the best paint that I have used for the price.  I swear by it.  I have found a few paint swatches that would be perfect to create your own LOVE-ly space.  There are hundreds of options, I have just chosen a few.  Enjoy! They even have Lovely names :)

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day Everyone! <3


  1. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the pink sofa...if it only came in La Fonda Fireberry I would love it even more!

  2. La Fonda Fireberry might be the sassiest paint color I've ever ran across! The name itself is packed full of inspiration... oh the possibilities!

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  4. This was simply LOVE-ly :D Definitely made my heart smile.