Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Project for the Semester!!!

I recently finished my final project for my junior year in Interior Design.  We were to come up with three different solutions for a community clinic that is needed in the area.  The three solutions were to be different variations on a theme.  The theme was given to us by another student in class.

My project was a young women's clinic that provided sex education as well as medical assistance.  I named the company OAsis Services which stands for Optimistic Assistance Services.

Solution 1.

Solution #1 is a basic layout of  a woman's community clinic, using straight walls to maximize the space while making it work efficiently for the users.

Solution 2.
Solution #2 Was a slightly different take on Solution #1 adding in curved walls for interest and privacy.

Solution 3.
Solution #3 is the budget conscious solution.  Using construction and materials that won't break the budget, HOWEVER not boring in any sense.  Adding in diagonal walls keeps the space interesting and creates an "experience" for each user.

Sorry it took so long for me to get these posted.  It has been a VERY busy past couple of months, but... I'M BACK!!!


  1. What a wonderful project! How great would it be to see your building in real life! It's definitely needed in NWAR

  2. Thank you April! I enjoyed working on it last year :) I am going to be posting all semester long about the Dance Academy I am designing for my senior project this last semester and I would LOVE for you to follow me and give me feedback and opinions!