Thursday, January 27, 2011

StickleBook. Beyond The Shelf.

StickleBook, with it's prongs allows one to store books in new ways.  Think about all of the different possibilities there are to use this product in your home or next design.

Not only can they be used to store your books in new unique ways, but they can be used:

  • For display as a design element

  • As a storage solution in smalls spaces

  • An unconventional display of your library

If I had this product, I would use it to display books with decorative bindings for a design element in one of my spaces.  


  1. I like! What do you think the future of books is with platforms like the iPad, Nook, etc.?

  2. I love this product! Talk about form following function creating a beautiful design element.

  3. That is amazing and fun!!Any idea where you can buy it?

  4. this product is really neat. just think of the possibilities!!

  5. @ Joanna: that is a good question. I think that we are obviously moving toward more digital reading, but I also believe that books will not become obsolete any time soon, if ever.

    @Chasity: Definitely form following function!

    @Curious Designs: I really don't know where you can buy it. I'm sure Google could tell you :)

    @Ariel: I know! I thought so as well.