Sunday, April 10, 2011

Current Project: Print Corp

The project that I just finished in Studio 6 was for a book publishing company that published Art, Architecture, and Design books.  The concept was based upon timelessness.  I wanted to provide the company a facility that endured through design "trends".  One that would represent them as a company who publishes the art of the past and today and preserves it forever.  

The floor plan has a curvilinear nature that directs people's paths and pulls them through the space.

This chair is the inspiration to the color scheme that I chose.  When I first saw this chair I fell in love with the unique colors that you wouldn't expect to be put together.  I thought that it was original, exactly the kind of character I wanted for my office.

At the entrance of Print Corp you are greeted by the receptionist at a curvilinear desk that mimics the form of the mezzanine wall behind it.  In the background is a curved conference space that is open, or can be closed off if the privacy drapes are pulled all the way around the protruding ceiling element that creates the space.  The accessible ramp wraps around this space taking one up to the open office area.   

This section cuts through the plan from north to south.  It displays the open office area to the right along with the VP offices that have curtain walls on both sides allowing maximum sunlight to flood the large space.  The mezzanine to the left is shown with the conference room underneath completely surrounded by glass curtain walls.

The east-west section shows the entry way on the left and the transition from the floor to the mezzanine level.  In the center is the entrance to the large conference room underneath, and the rest are closed office spaces for the administration and financial department.

The view from the mezzanine shows the lounge area that can hold catered exhibit events or just provide a space for employees to meet and collaborate or even take a break for lunch.

The large exhibition space is designed to also hold the company's library of books.  The recessed shelves hold the company's archives, while the white shelves are for exhibition display.  The circular element that hangs out from the shelves mimics the shape of the circle conference space below, while also creating an interesting design element and bringing the space down to human scale, and because the ceilings are so high this is beneficial.  

The large open office area is broken up in the middle with the VP's offices.  These offices, like stated before, have glass curtain walls on both sides.  This enhances the collaborative environment and cohesive nature desired by the employees of Print Corp.  It allows every employee to get the maximum amount of sunlight available.  The ceilings are 18 feet high in this area and in order to keep the spaces at human scale and more intimate, dropped ceilings were introduced to 10 feet.  This helps create space in such a large area and it also helps with the acoustics.  

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my design solution for this company!


  1. Jessica- I really liked the window treatment idea you used in the circular area of the Print Corps building. I had no idea what to do with regards to the window. Great job.

  2. Wonderful!! Your renderings are A-mazing :)

  3. I love your renderings and design they are beautiful. Also the loved how you found your inspiration from a another design aspect.