Sunday, April 3, 2011

FRAMED: Design.

Recently, I have been trying to find a solution for a large wall in my parents home.  The wall is about 10 feet wide by 12 feet tall.  It currently has wire frame window panes hanging on it, but now that they are redesigning the space after 14 years, it needs something different!

I was looking at something online, and saw a collage of frames and had an AH HA moment!  I've always loved frame collages, and I thought to myself duh! how perfect this would be.  I am getting married soon and there are going to be pictures that my parents have nowhere to put.  My brother and I are both getting older and are in very pivotal and transitional times in our lives, where many pictures are going to come into play.  This couldn't be a more perfect solution, so I have searched and found some great images of frame collages.  Enjoy!

The pattern of the wall paper behind the various frames creates a great contrast and interest on this large wall above the sofa.  I also really like that they incorporated a mirror, increasing the visual space in the room :)

Floor to ceiling collages are very interesting, some times overwhelming, but this one is done perfectly.  The majority of white keeps it clean and organized.

I really like seeing only the frame collages.  The different shapes and slight difference in color of this example are really great.

The two images above are the type of collage that I would probably incorporate into one of my spaces.  The simple black frame, or dark wood frame with the white mats create a cleanness and uniformity that I like, and the images become the thing that gives the wall it's character.  I LOVE the blue wall of the bottom image it creates a great pop!

This one is fun and whimsical in a way.  It is playful and very appropriate for this space.


This shows wall stickers or something of that sort, which provides the same look, also very whimsical in character.

Photo collages are great for large open staircases.  I've seen it done several times, and spaces like this can be very tricky to find a solution for, but the collage of frames tends to work most of the time, and can create a great conversation piece for visitors as well as house all of your treasured photographs and memories.

I like that this one incorporates art with photos, another great solution!

Have a large wall that you just don't know what to do with?  This is just one of many great solutions.  The possibilities are endless! 

Get creative and Have fun :)

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