Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Pastels!

With Easter just coming to a close, I thought I'd look into spaces using pastel color palettes beautifully.  Most of my images came from a great website called Shelterness.  I personally, would not prefer to live in a home with pastel spaces, but don't get me wrong, these spaces are nothing short of fabulous and shabby chic.  

The mix of neon green and hot pink in with the pale blue and yellow add a pop to this spaces giving it a little bit more life and fun.  

I think this media room is great, and I"m only guessing that it is a media room from the pop corn machine on the counter top.  Um... Yes please! I want one :) Plus, how fun is the wall design?

Okay, okay, I think I could live in this space.  My fiancée, however, could not.  This pastel is so perfectly feminine and pretty. I absolutely love it.  The area rug = to die for.

These pastels are so much fun.  I love the gold accents added in which give it a regal feel.  The space is so fresh and clean like a high end hotel. 

This fabulous space is completely precious.  So perfectly shabby chic.  My favorite piece: the grey patterned ottoman in the background.

I feel like this space would be in a classic country cottage somewhere.  The light pastel colors provide a clean airy feeling to the space.

Again, so fabulous and chic.  I think every pastel color is incorporated into this space, but oh so perfectly.

The thing I love most about this space is the fact that they framed the wall paper. How cute?

Perfect little girls room.  The carpet works surprisingly well in this space.  And of course I absolutely love the fur ottoman!

This is probably the cutest kitchen I have seen.  It is so very feminine and perfect for the lady of the house.  

I hope that you have enjoyed these spaces as much as I did.  Pastels can take on such different character, it just depends on how they are used in the space and what is paired with them.  

I hope everyone had a great Easter and are enjoying all of that yummy candy :)

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